Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally! I am writing in here again. Things are going well. We had a great time in Texas sleeping in our own beds and seeing some of our friends. We wish we could have been there longer to see EVERYONE! My goal is to be back by the beginning of October - for good! Keep your fingers crossed.......
Back in Arizona, I am in treatments again. The public schools started on Monday, so that has made things quiet around here during the day. We haven't started school yet, though. We probably will start after Labor Day, although Caleb and Emma need more to do during the day, so we may not make it that far. But Uncle Jon and Aunt Megan and their kids are coming next week and then RICK is coming FOR OVER A WEEK, so I didn't want to start school with all of that going on. We are excited to spend time with Rick when he comes. We have missed him so much!
As far as my progress, Dr. Lodi is going to order another PET scan the second week of September to see where we are at. I am hoping it will be good enough at that point that he will let me go home and come back to AZ every other week for chemo.
Life as a one-legged person continues to be an adjustment. I am getting around really well: driving, shopping, etc. I find that the place I have the hardest time is opening doors to stores and keeping my balance. I will get there. I feel better than I have in a very long time. It is nice to be back to doing "Mom" things again, although it takes me a little longer. Whoever thought that riding the little carts in the stores would be a perk, well, it is ok, but did you know that those wretched little buggers beep when you back up? It is insanely loud and sooooooo embarassing! :)
Most of all, it is nice to feel like playing and singing again. I am so grateful to be alive and getting better! I am grateful for all the prayers and help our family has been recipients of. I am grateful for the Savior and all that the Atonement is coming to mean to me.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I know it has been a very long time since I last posted. I will catch it up in the next few days, but I am posting now to let everyone know I am alive and doing absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!