Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Bites, Big Enthusiasm

I need to say upfront that this blog is for family memory preservation, so it will probably be boring to others. I just have to remember Emma eating corn on the cob. I wish I had gotten a picture of her doing it. She will not eat corn unless it is on the cob. It is definitely not in season right now, but sometimes I give in just for the sheer pleasure it brings Emma and the joy it is to watch her eat. She does not eat in an organized fashion -- she just digs right in and goes to town, with "mmms" and "ooohs" and "num num num" the whole time. Then she proceeds to clean up everyone else's cobs. And I can attribute this love of corn to gardening when we were in Seattle, thanks to Rick's Grandma for the land to garden and for instilling a love in me and my children for gardening. We miss her and the kids often talk of Grandma Callup showing them slugs and worms and snails. Growing your own vegetables taught Caleb and Emma (especially my picky-eater Emma) to be more adventurous about eating vegetables. And to LOVE them!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Okay, beyond the fact that we have such a great football team (can we say a great Fiesta Bowl outcome?), I really love Austin!

Actually, I could care less about football, I just live with a very large (though small in stature) Longhorns fan. I guess Caleb honestly comes by the fact that he was born here. :) He loves to tell everyone that he is Texan (it is a nationality, for anyone who didn't know)!

But, seriously, Austin is so great for us. The only thing it doesn't have for us is family and a temple. On Saturday, we had a high of 83 degrees. Who can beat that in the beginning of January? But, for those who don't like the warmth, they get their wish, too, because yesterday the high was 43 degrees and it is rainy here, now. But tomorrow is supposed to be 67 and Thursday 72 degrees. I will take the rain to get the sunshine, too.

Austin has great barbecue for those like Rick who REALLY care, skateboard parks that are open year-round for those like Caleb and plenty of dirt to dig in and rocks to treasure for those like Emma. Then, if you are me, you just like to be in the sun and read and good book!

After a fun trip to Arizona for a very fun and crazy family reunion (we missed you, Amanda -- it wasn't the same without you!), we are back to homework, grocery shopping and cleaning the house. Just life. But life here in Austin is good. I don't have to shovel snow or ask anyone else to do it for me!

After opening presents, we didn't see much of Caleb beyond the picture above: FINALLY, a DS! Mom gave in! Emma's iDog is full of music all the time. And, some fun pictures of sister-fun! I didn't seem to end up with many pictures of my brothers or brothers-in-law. Sorry, guys! I think the only one I got was Joel with his nose on the table checking out Zander's pigs in "Pass the Pigs" to see if they were touching. So I didn't post that one..... :) Fun game, though!