Friday, January 15, 2010

Life is in the little things

Our life hasn't been super exciting lately - just a bunch of little things.

1. Loads of Tender Mercies. Example: Caleb's LaCrosse league canceled their next season due to small numbers, but I found another league for him that is bigger, better organized and practice is 7 minutes away (instead of 25) - during the last few days of the new season registration. May not seem like a big deal, but we have been trying to find somethings active for him for years, and now that he has found something he loves we didn't want him to have to stop.

2. Back to the Grind. Treatments, Homework, Bills, Homework, Scouts, Homework, Activity Days, Homework, Dr. appts, Homework, Treatments, Homework, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Homework, Music, Homework, Bills, Homework, Cleaning the House, Homework, Treatments, Dr. appts, Etc. Etc. You get the idea.... Can you tell that I can't wait for the summer part to get rid of the homework?

3. New Year's Goals. Our Stake President challenged us to read the Book of Mormon this year. We are doing it as a family, but this is the first time everyone in the family is really old enough to do it on their own individually. What a joy to see our children grab a hold of this challenge and to see their confidence grow. Emma has come to me several times already asking about things, leading to some great discussions -- how FUN!

4. Realizations each day about how great our life is. We have been blessed with so much! I am constantly aware of how mindful the Lord is of me and our little family. There is so much joy to be had every day. This week my Sunday School lesson will be on the Creation. In preparing for it, I am truly thankful for this beautiful world and for our Heavenly Father giving us a Savior providing us a way to come back to Him. I am grateful for my amazing body! It has been through so much and it continues to work. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father who gives me breath each day. One of my 3 chemos got changed in December and the new one makes me incredibly miserable afterwards. I just seem to finally feel like I am not exhausted by 8am when it is time for another round. The last few months have been physically very very rough for me in how I feel. I truly am grateful to be here! This world, even with all the wickedness and sorrow is so good and there are so many wonderful people and there is so much to experience. I am grateful for the experiences I get to have.

Christmas -- priceless

Christmas was fabulous. Our Christmas Day itself was quiet and wonderful. We didn't go anywhere, we were in our pajamas for most of the day and we enjoyed just being together. We had some amazing moments that had nothing to do with presents that were just pure joy. It all started because we had not gotten home early enough the night before to read the Christmas story from the Bible the way we usually do on Christmas Eve. Rick and I decided to put kids (and us) to bed and read the story in the morning. We may do this every year from now on. It was lovely. After the fun and laughter of stockings, we gathered by the tree and took turns reading different parts of the story. The kids each wanted to take a different part; I felt so fulfilled to see them so eager to share a part and to share their feelings and ask questions and give their insights.

Because I had just had chemo 3 days before and was feeling pretty cruddy, I had decided not to make cinnamon rolls for our Christmas breakfast this year; we were going to have big store-bought muffins instead. It is the only time I make cinnamon rolls during the year and they are big, fat, gooey, amazing and completely unhealthy, so the kids were bummed, but very understanding. Aunt Amanda surprised us with a big pan of them on Christmas Eve (very sneaky to ask if I had a good recipe since she didn't have any of her cookbooks here and wanted to make some for Christmas morning for HER family) -- I was so touched! I know that that particular recipe isn't the most economical time-wise or ingredient-wise. Anyway, we had put them in the oven before our story and they weren't done yet so we had time to wait.

We decided to sit in a circle and go around and tell each other why we loved each other. I will not say what everyone said as it is so personal, but I will tell you this: 11-year-old boys can surprise you at times with their sensitivity. Caleb's comment was probably the best Christmas present I received that day. I will never ever forget it.

Then, Rick and I were in the other room talking and we heard the best thing ever. I am sorry not to have pictures on here -- I haven't downloaded them yet -- but it was such a present. Caleb had gotten out his french horn and he and Emma were playing a duet of Jingle Bells. Emma was on the piano. Rick and I melted! To see them think of that on their own and have such fun doing it together was a great memory! After they put up with pictures and videotaping, they made me get my flute out and join them.

Our morning was a MasterCard commercial -- definitely priceless!!!!