Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whoo hoo!!!

Definitely happy today!  My counts are officially above 3 -- Barely.  They are at 3.1.  But, hey, it is over 3.  So... not good enough for the dr. to start chemo again this week, but good enough I can take my mask off (at home), good enough to hold the puppy, and sooooo glad to be able to sleep without it!!!!!!  When I picked Dobby up for the first time (in over a month) he wagged so hard he almost fell out of my arms.  What kept him in was that he was trying to lick me all over my face (I really really hate being licked, but I could relate to his feeling of joy).  Isn't it nice that dogs are so forgiving?   Emma is back to being a little more open with me.  She really felt like the mask was a barrier to her Mommy, poor thing.  She told me today, that she really hated it.  She never told me that when I was wearing it, but I could tell.  Isn't it great that kids are so forgiving?  What great lessons we can learn from both -- kids and dogs.

So.....Church on Sunday?  It's looking good!  Can't wait!  So excited! 


Barbara Johnson said...

Dear Anna,
I'm so glad to read that your numbers are up and that you are feeling better. And what could lift your spirits like being in the Temple with your family. Craig and I went to the open house at Gila Valley last week and felt that wonderful peace also. I'm glad you got to go. We love you and Rick and the kids and hope that your health will continue to improve. You are an inspiration to us all, seeing all you accomplish and what a good Mom you are, especially through all the challenges.
(PS If Caleb would like to be baptised for some of his own Swiss ancestors, I have some names ready!)
Love, Aunt Barb

McCulloch Moments said...

Hoooooray!!!! That's awesome news!!